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Aug 24, 2015

by Alannah Gauld

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Ever considered a career in the rewarding world of IT Recruitment?

Stelfox is leading and transforming the IT Recruitment sector here in Ireland and across Europe. In March 2015 we started the first Stelfox Academy, where we intensively trained a cohort of 7 Trainee Recruitment Consultants over six months. The program proved to be a great success, so now, we are delighted to announce that the second Stelfox Academy is going to kick off in October 2015.

We are looking for at least 5  bright, resilient and results focused individuals. No experience is required, you just need to show that you’re smart and a bit of grit and determination

You will be put through a market leading training regime, learning about the 5 pillars of recruitment. You will be assigned your own specialist market, which you will receive in depth training, and one2one mentoring from an industry expert is part of the program. Hard work is rewarded by a very good basic salary and an industry leading, uncapped, commission structure.

It’s not all work, work, work. We know to get the most out of our employees, they need to be rewarded and have time to unwind too. As a result we offer weekly ‘Stelfit’ gym classes, trips and incentives throughout the year, free fruit, Beer o’clock on Friday and a table tennis table. Not to mention, we have an incredible team, who support and encourage each other in their successes and failures.

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Class of 2015

We caught up with two from the class of 2015 to see how they got on:. Liam Caffrey (International team) and Laura Martin (Contract team)

1. What were you doing before Stelfox?
Liam: I completed a Masters in Business & Management and was searching for position that would combine the things I learned in college with the skills I learned from working since I was sixteen. After graduating, I worked as a Project Manager for a small Irish Discount store coordinating shop openings across Ireland.

Laura: Before I joined Stelfox I had just completed an undergraduate degree in Physiology. I didn’t want to continue on in that industry so I took time out to figure out what I wanted to do, working part time as a swimming instructor.

2. What made you apply to the academy program?
Liam: I wasn’t enjoying the position where I was. I had completed a module in HR during my Masters and I came across Recruitment. I felt my positive attitude, ability to work hard and also that bit of common sense needed were attributes that could really help me along the way to a successful career in recruitment.

Laura: I wanted to work in a role that allowed me to progress and grow in my career, be successful and I wanted do something challenging and rewarding. A friend of mine who works in recruitment suggested I think about a career in recruitment. Stelfox appealed to me because the IT Sector is booming at the moment and because it was an academy program, it was an opportunity to work with and be mentored by some experienced recruiters and get exceptional training about the core areas of recruitment.

3. Tell me about an average day in your job.
Liam: There is probably no average day in recruitment. Every candidate and client are different – some easy, some not so easy. At the beginning of each day, I have an idea of what goal I want to achieve and my day is based around getting actual results so by the end of the day I am an in a better position than I was at the beginning.

Laura: The average day involves talking to different candidates from all over Europe and helping them find their next great venture. It also involves talking to some senior people in high profile IT companies in Ireland and helping them find the perfect fit for different roles they are trying to fill. The atmosphere in the office is great and there is always someone on hand to give you advice if you need it. Everyone is friendly and we all have a great laugh!

4. What do you enjoy about your job?
Liam: Everyday is different – you get the opportunity to talk to people you would never usually have the opportunity to talk to. As a young guy entering the business world, I am managing clients for international companies – something I would never have got the opportunity to do in a different company or industry. Of course – the reaction from candidates getting their dream job is cool too!

Laura: I enjoy chatting to different people every day, the rewarding feeling when you make a deal and that every day is different. The team in Stelfox is great, everyone is really friendly and there to help if you need it. It is a team orientated office and it creates a great working environment. It is a very social team and there are always different team nights out and team building activities organised!

5. Why should other people apply to the program?
Liam: Because it’s one of the few jobs where your results are based purely on what efforts you put into it. There is no hierarchical system where years of experience can outweigh hard work which is something that really attracted me to the program.

Also, as a company, there is no better place than Stelfox. From the very beginning there was no awkward phase of getting to know each other. They made it clear that everyone was there to help from management to peers. The social aspect is great from summer trips away to ‘dreaded’ fitness classes to lunch time table tennis; there is always a great atmosphere in the office.

Laura: This program gives people with no previous recruitment experience a chance to learn the ropes and gain great hands on experience in a fast paced, thriving industry. You get to meet great people and you quickly become integrated into the team. It is an opportunity to work with some of the best recruiters in Ireland and Europe and there is room to grow and progress within the company.

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