Real reasons to choose Ireland

Dec 22, 2016

by Stephanie Byrne

Real people, real reasons, real opportunity

Are you Irish living abroad? Maybe you’re enjoying nice weather and less rain. Nice beaches and impressive cities? But there are some things about Ireland that you just can’t quite recreate anywhere else. We wanted to figure out just what it is that makes living in Ireland so good and we’re not talking numbers or statistics here, we wanted real answers from real people. We asked people ‘What are the best things about living in Ireland?’

What is it about our little isle that we all love so much?

  • Family & friends. Nothing really compares to the sense of community in Ireland.
  • Accessibility. You can go from being in the middle of a city to the middle of nowhere in half an hour.
  • Brilliant social scene & coppers! The sheer volume of Irish bars across the world says it all.
  • Fresh air & outdoor pursuits. Whether it’s going out for a hike at the weekend or hitting up the golf club, there’s a huge variety to do with a scenic backdrop.
  • Education. Ireland has one of the best education systems in the world and is one of the best places to raise a family.
  • Guinness & whiskey.
  • Jobs. Some of the most amazing career opportunities across all sectors.
  • The People. Above all else, it’s the people. The people are friendly, good craic and there’s no one quite like them in the world.

If you are considering coming home to Ireland, we have a number of job opportunities right now that could be your perfect fit. Start the journey here