Runamuck: Putting our teamwork skills to the test!

Sep 27, 2016

by Stephanie Byrne

On Saturday, a group of Stelfox employees braved the rainy weather and traveled to county Kildare to take part in the Runamuck challenge.

We laughed, we almost cried and we fell over, several times.



With obstacles, bogs and lakes around every corner, this really put our athletic skills to the test. However, when we finally reached the end, we realised that it was teamwork, above all else, that got us over the line.

With a variety of fitness levels and running experience on the team, everyone really had their part to play and it really was team building at its best.



Sure, some of the more experienced runners could have made it over the finish line quicker, but they held back to offer some support to as many people as possible. We quickly discovered that Stelfox would do better as a team when we all pulled together to improve our overall efficiency.

This run was a solid reminder of just how important teamwork is in achieving our goals inside and outside the workplace.



Benefits of teamwork in the workplace

  • Increased efficiency
  • Idea generation
  • Better communication
  • The workload is shared evenly
  • Support Network
  • Builds trust