4 reasons why more companies are hiring IT contract staff over permanent

Aug 6, 2015

by Neil Sullivan

More highly skilled technology professionals are choosing to go contracting than ever before. Are companies in Ireland maximising this talent pool? Do they know the facts about hiring contract staff?The demand for talent is increasing and the highly skilled IT professional know this. They can increase their take home pay by 50% and gain varied project experience across different industries. Since we first setup Stelfox in 2001, we have never seen as many IT professionals contracting.

The advantages are

  • Availability – Most contractors plan their end dates strategically. They know 4 to 6 weeks before end date if they are getting an extension. Therefore start date is a specified date rather than a notice period. This is great for project work.
  • Flexibility / HR issues – If for whatever reason, the contractor is not working out then you have the flexibility to end the contract without justification.
  • Expertise – One leading global tech company in Dublin┬áhire the top 10% of candidates. More of that 10% are now contracting.
    No training or professional certification costs – Contractors pay for this themselves through their limited companies.
  • Cost – The most common objection from our clients in relation to taking on a contractor is cost. When you actually break it down the results paint an interesting picture. Please see below:
Neil table blog


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What has been your experience working with IT contract staff? Have you hired contractors? If you are a contractor, perhaps you could tell us why you like contracting? Do you disagree with these points? We would love to hear your thoughts / opinions good or bad….