Stelfox at FutureScope 2016

Jun 1, 2016

by Zoe Horan



Yesterday two Stelfoxers attended the FutureScope conference in the Convention Centre hosted by Dublin Business Innovation Centre. FutureScope brings many leaders from throughout the technology ecosystem together to discuss the evolving trends and how they will shape the future. This event is great for Stelfox in terms of networking as we came together with so many multinational organisations looking to grow within the Irish industry.

The event has evolved from Silicon Stroll, an event that was previously run by Dublin BIC in 2014 and 2015. With the websummit now leaving our green shores we expect events like this to become a lot more prominent in the future.  There were many speakers at the event; some of which included representatives from Accenture, Facebook, Google, IBM, SIRO and Vodafone. Some interesting points were raised by Accenture.  According to research they carried out, in the near future technical skill gaps will be filled by Workforce Augmentation (Rapid onboarding of temporary staff). This new liquid workforce will consist mainly of contractors and by 2025 will account for 45% of the IT workforce.

Another key area for discussion was IoT or internet of things. The IoT is a giant network of connected “things”. These things will include everyday items ranging from fridges, cars and even trainers. Ireland is at the forefront of this technical revolution with companies like Mastercard, Accenture and Intel leading the way. It’s a rapidly expanding market and by 2020 will be worth over $10 billion with over 4.5 million developers focusing on IoT applications. It’s definitely a space to watch!

It was also great to hear that Ireland has a booming and rapidly expanding Fintech market. Pioneers in the sector like Ireland’s very own Colm Lyon’s (Fire Financial Services) gave impressive talks about how consumers are moving away from traditional brick and mortar banking toward instant mobile payments. With trust in the banking sector at an all time low here in Ireland I’m not surprised to hear that local entrepreneurs are trying to capitalise on this.

All in all it was a great day and we are looking forward to attending the event next year!